How to Make Your Tablet Kid Friendly

    Technology has immensely been beneficial to man. Each tech innovation has made the lives of many easier. As much as we applaud technology and the many upsides it has, there are a few downsides that can be noted. Since the invention of cell phones, man has relied on them to communicate and pass instant messages. Every year, smart phones and tablets are manufactured, each coming with advanced features and better than the previous models. Every household owns at least a Smartphone or tablet, or both. Both adults and children need tablets as it is a great source of entertainment and can be used as an educational tool. While there is nothing wrong with buying your kids the tablets they want, you also need to manage how they use their tech gadgets for their own good. Seeing how everyone can access any content online with a tablet, some content may be toxic to your children. How do you ensure that your kid enjoys using their tablet but still keeps away from harmful content that can corrupt them online? Here’s how;

Add A New User: Make use of this feature in your tablet, as it is the first step to ensuring your child does not access your personal files which you deem private. To create a new user, go to settings, click on the User button, then Add User. After creating the new user, and adding the user’s name, restrict the apps you don’t wish your child to access. This is done under the settings button. Click on your child’s profile button to show the Application and Content restriction screen. Disable all the apps you don’t want your child to access.

Install Kid Friendly Browsers: The internet contains answers to almost every question we have. We are just a Google tab away from obtaining any type of information. While adults know where to look for what, kids may come across content that is not suitable for them. Install kid friendly browsers in your child’s tablet, as the search engines there are regulated. There are good kid friendly web browsers like Kiddle, Kidoz, kidSplorer, KidRex, KidzSearch, Pikluk and Safe Search Kids.

Kiddle is powered by Google and is a safe space for kids any time they want to satisfy their curiosity on the internet. The images from Kiddle encyclopedia; also known as Kimages, videos, and general content on the browser are curated, thus appropriate for consumption by children. The kidSplorer web browser enables you to whitelist the sites you wish your child to visit. You can also remove URLs which you feel are unnecessary. If you are away and don’t want your kid to access the internet, KidSplorer has an option of blocking the internet at set times. Doing this will stop your child from being online when you don’t want them to; as no program will be run until you’re back. Pikluk browser also has an email system that is fit for kids. Pikluk has more restrictions as parents have to approve every individual site their child can browse through. It can be tiring to approve the hundreds of kid friendly sites available if you want your kid to have many options while searching for information. Most of the kid friendly browsers have parental control options, and though some may be stricter than others, you’re able to go on with your work without having to worry what your child is up to on the internet.

Have A Password Or Pin to Unlock: This is the simplest way to lock out your child from using the tablet without your consent. All tablets have at least three locking systems; the password, pattern or PIN. Don’t leave your tab unlocked, or set the locking time to be long. If your tab locks after say thirty minutes, be sure to keep an eye on it. Kids can access what they want within those few minutes the tab remains unlocked. Ensure your tab locks after at least five minutes, unless you’re using it at the moment. Don’t set simple PINs like 1234 as this will be easy to guess. Better yet, install Applock. This will give your child access to the tablet, but will lock them from any entry on the apps. Also have a good password that cannot be guessed easily.

Cover With A Sturdy Case: So you have put in all measures required to ensure that your kid is safe while using the tablet. There is a single thing left though, the casing. Make sure your tablet is always covered with a sturdy case, to prevent any damage done by kids. Accidents happen and kids may sometimes be careless with these gadgets. Continuous dropping will crack the screen and eventually destroy the tab. If you caver your phone with a sturdy case though, the tablet will be safe from any damage. Some of these tech gadgets don’t come cheap. Repairing and buying new ones every time can be costly. Remind you kid to always handle the tablet carefully, as kids sometimes don’t understand this.

Pin Apps: The app pinning feature found in tablets will have you lock one app to the screen, and restrict any other thing. This way, your child will use the tablet without you having to switch profiles. You can also add a PIN to exit the pinned app.  The PIN will block your child from accessing any other location on the tablet if they try to leave the pinned app.

Factory Reset: Factory resetting will clear your old data that you may not want your child to see. Before factory resetting, ensure that your documents and other files are backed up on cloud, or on another device. Factory resetting will delete everything in your internal storage and clean up all the apps you had installed. The factory resetting option is always under the settings button. Children are naturally curious, and few minutes with the tablet may lead them to your private files or emails.

Parents keep worrying about the content their kids consume through electronic devices. Taking such measures will ensure that both you and your child have an amazing time online, and the parent is not stressed about how to give their child the tablet without exposing them to things that are not useful to them at their young age.


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