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Exciting things to try on Instagram in 2021

We all love using Instagram as it has numerous exciting features. The best thing about Instagram is that it upgrades itself from time to time. So you just have to try every new feature provided by Instagram as it will enhance your user experience. If you want to increase your متابعين انستقرام then you must have to be very creative and active on instagram. It is very important to make posts and stories regularly.

These are few exciting things to try on Instagram in 2021:

  • Stories 

If you visit your Instagram then you will find that it has numerous creative options which you can use to attract your followers. You will get the interesting gif, writing option with different options, countdown option, and a lot more. You must have to use them in your story as they will help you in getting more متابعين انستقرام. Instagram also provides the music option, you can use it to make your story more engaging.

  • Growth insights 

If you want to see your follower growth and the post reach then you must have to switch your Instagram account from personal to professional. After switching your account you will get numerous options by which you can check the engagement and growth of your posts and stories.

  • Reels 

Instagram also introduced the option of reels. You can make short videos of yourself or your product and upload them by using the reels. The reels option on Instagram is inspired by TikTok. You will get almost all the features of TikTok. You can also put the music and text in your reel video. People love watching reel videos so you must have to try it once.

  • Post on story 

There are a lot of people who put the post on the story. It is very easy as you just have to visit the post and then go for the share option. You will get the option of add to the story option, you can change the size of the post in the story.

  •  Filter 

Instagram is also famous for filters. There are numerous people who love to use filters, you must have to use the filters of Instagram. It will help you in looking good and different as well. You can use Instagram filters while making video calls and Instagram live as well.

  • IGTV 

There are numerous people who want to share long videos. If you are also one of them then IGTV is the best option for you on Instagram.

These are few new things on Instagram that you must have to try. If you want to buy followers and likes then must visit our site, we are providing all these things at a very genuine price.

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