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Four ways to earn followers naturally on Instagram

For startups who want to make their presence felt in Instagram, the most exciting thing you can do is you successfully established a strong foothold where your brand is well-known and you sell your product more than what you expected because you were able to build a solid following from people.

However, the truth is, your first ten thousand Instagram followers is usually the most difficult to earn because nobody knows who you are and what is your brand all about. You have still got to prove yourself as successful as an Instagram influencer and personality, but that does not mean it is entirely impossible for you to grow the numbers of your followers, which is why in this article, let us check out how to get followers on Instagram in a short span of time to get your business and brand going.

  • Join in engagement groups in Instagram- If you are just starting to learn to earn followers to follow your account on Instagram, then joining in engagement groups is one of the best first steps for a beginner, because there are some Instagram newbies out there who have seen their Instagram followers increase faster, however, how did they quickly earn that? This is through engagement groups wherein you can have conversations, comment, and even mention people and pages in particular discussions that are under your niche and talking to people who have interest on the product or service that you are offering.

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  • Try reposting other’s content- If you are a startup, it is essential to have a permitted reposting of someone’s Instagram post or content so that people will notice your niche so that you can establish relevance to it. The only way to do this is to legally repost someone’s content without getting flagged to crediting the original owner of the post each time you repost. Instagram has already updated its policy and you should always require permission for reposting something on your account.
  • Collaborate with popular social media pages- This may be a daunting task knowing that you have to make a lot of effort to convince popular pages and people on Instagram to collaborate with you, however, it is not entirely impossible so that you can get that Instagram followers that you badly want. Try reaching them and give them a favorable deal for both of you and surely, you will not notice that you already gain a lot of followers knowing that influencers can easily encourage their followers to follow what they request.
  • Encourage your customers to share their photos- One way to promote your product or service without a fee is to encourage your customers to share their photos of your product that they have purchased on their bio. This free promotional strategy is very easy and very effective because people will think that your brand is trusted knowing that people share it on their bio without second thoughts, so try telling your customers to share their experience through photos about your brand before you even decide to purchase followers or comprar likes reales Instagram.

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