Best e-LMS companies in Singapore

There are different LMS companies which office you many helpful trainings both offline and online. Some of the e-Learning companies in Singapore provide ample opportunities to learn various products, including learning Management Solutions, custom content, eLearning courses, instructional design, and many more. lms singapore help you deliver online safety training, health training, legal compliance, and more.

 Swift eLearning services

Swift is an innovative design company providing technology-enabled e-learning solutions across the globe for organisations. They have cost-effective learning solutions that enable e-learning to speed up the business and interactive, intuitive services anytime. They have a diverse pool of strategies for all the talented learners, graphic designers, curriculum managers, and programmers who recognise the value of the workplace in learning. Converting PowerPoint to e-learning, e-learning translations, learning management systems, mobile learning, gamification, and much more are taught here.


Inchone is an online learning and training program provider founded in 2000. It provides a wide range of product solutions such as i3Corporate,  an LMS for corporate Enterprises; i3Waves, an academic and student management system focusing on web and internet; i3Campus, an LMS for educational establishments; i3Assessment, and online assessment and evaluation; and many other e-learning applications.

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Web anywhere is an e-Learning service provider in Singapore that provides education, company, charity, and the public sector with web solutions and online learning. Customisable moodel solutions are provided, and a TotaeaLMS gold affiliate has its Learnanywhere LMS, e-portfolios, and web designing tools such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla!

Wizlearn Technologies

The Wizlearn Technology, formerly ASKnLearn, offers e-learning for educational and corporate use of learning management systems and digital content, learning games, and training. SmartclassTM, AsknlearnTM, and Athenaeum are used to teach the learners. You can log in to their website and get admitted. It is located at The Alpha near Singapore Science Park II, Singapore.

Blended learning

Blended learning is an organisation which is recognised for rendering leading-edge learning and development solutions to leading organisations around the world since 2012. They have a mix of learning methods in teaching, and they perform the research and update it on them, including the instructor-led learning methods and many more. All the programs are designed and improvised with the evolution of trends in the industry, satisfying the customer needs.

Training and Development Services

Being one of the leading Technology Driven managed learning service providers, Training and development services is a trusted advisor of leading public sector organisations, Finance services and banking, higher education institutions, Aerospace and Defence, Healthcare, telecommunication companies, and many more. They are the most trusted and well-developed e-learning software creation companies trained in corporate learning solutions.


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