Extending the Life of Macbook Battery

Apple MacBook laptops are one of the most widely used laptops. The batteries for this line of notebook computers are manufactured in a way that meets and sometimes exceeds industry specifications. It also provides longer uptime without any “memory footprint”. This allows you to charge your MacBook battery at any time. You can also optimize your MacBook’s battery settings in the Power Saver preferences. This will help you to increase the battery life. So when you get new replacement batteries, always set them in the Power Saver preferences to extend battery life.

The following steps will help you optimize your MacBook’s battery settings:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

2- Go to the View menu option and select Energy Saving.

  1. Click the option labeled Show details.
  2. There will be a popup menu called “Settings for”, select Battery or Battery power.
  3. You will have another pop-up menu called “Optimize power settings”. From there, choose the longest or best battery life.

With this setting, it will put the hard drive to sleep when not in use. It will also reduce the performance of your computer’s microprocessor and therefore increase the life of your power cell. You should also set the screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level. Also, remember to turn off those unused technologies and features to save the life of your power device.

Generally, most of us keep CDs and DVDs in our own drive, even if we don’t order or use them. In such cases, the optical drive will spin to read those CDs or DVDs every time you turn on the laptop. This will consume a certain amount of energy. So remember to eject your CDs or DVDs when not in use. You must also remember to disconnect peripherals if you are not using them. Connected peripherals, such as digital cameras, pen drives, and printers, will draw power from your MacBook’s battery even if you’re not using it. In case you are not asked to use features such as Bluetooth or AirPort, you should turn them off to save power.

Also, you should regularly check whether your computer battery is charging properly or not. Sometimes it may seem like it’s fully charged, but it doesn’t last much longer. In such cases, you need to take it to macbook battery repair Singapore. It could indicate that it’s time to get a replacement power device for your laptop.

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