Features That Set Host Zealot Apart

Host Zealot is one of the best websites to contact for your dedicated server and virtual private server.  You can depend on a shared server if you are a startup and you are not getting much traffic yet, but you just need to go for either a VPN or dedicated server once the traffic to your website has increased since a shared server may not be able to handle the increased traffic.  You will also need to go for a VPS or Dedicated Server to avoid the trickledown effect of the activities on other websites hosted on that shared server. You can learn more from

If the other websites are receiving heavy traffic, it can cause your own website hosted on the server of the same shares to run slowly, which will affect your Google ranking and conversion rate. There is no better way to start off your dedicated server or VPN experience than at Host Zealot; you can learn more about the benefits of the services provided by this platform from

Many benefits of patronizing Host Zealot

Host Zealot has the expertise to help with the implementation of both your advanced and trivial web hosting needs.  No matter how simple or complex your needs may be, there is no other website to trust for top quality web hosting service than Host Zealot. The outlet has the expertise to provide a comprehensive and prompt solution for your web hosting needs, irrespective of the complexity.  The outlet equally provides a complete sport for all the services you purchase here and the support begins from the moment you order their services.  You can visit to learn more about the many services provided by this website.


Various services to meet your needs   

Host Zealot can be trusted for your web hosting needs as already described above.  The web hosting service provided by this outlet is available in different categories with a different cost. Whatever web hosting plan you opt for, you will always get top value for your money. Some of the available plans are highlighted below:

  • Scout, which costs €29.17 per month
  • Observer, which costs €10.71 per month
  • Carrier, which costs €10.66 per month
  • Corvette, which costs €7.98 per month

You can also trust Host Zealot for your server and VPS needs. Check for more information about the various services offered here.

More benefits of patronizing Host Zealot

  • The uptime is 99.9%
  • The configuration is very fast; it never takes more than a few minutes
  • There is no contract at all; you can, therefore, cancel at any time
  • The cost of the high-performance server offered here is reasonable
  • You can also upgrade seamlessly
  • Access to enterprise servers
  • Servers are located in the US, Europe and Hong Kong.

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