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It’s true that most games of this era are best played with Xbox consoles. Smooth graphics, soft and easy to control analog controllers, not to mention the massive list of breathtaking games that can only be played with the console specifically. The Xbox Live service is recognized into two different categories, the Silver and the Gold. Although both can be acquired for free and offers almost the same features like online multiplayer services, their Gold tier service provides a huge list of beneficial services towards a gamer. However, an Xbox Live Gold Membership costs money, good thing there’s, a website that provides free codes, which can be obtained fast and with ease with the help of their Xbox live gold generator.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Xbox Live Gold service features a long list of services that varies from addition credit scores in a game, music downloading, online multiplayer features which enables a gamer to play with different players from around the world online, as well as allows an individual to download or stream movies. These features can be achieved by subscribing to an Xbox Live Gold membership, which cost an approximate amount of over $60 – $80 annually. These price ranges vary from the type of subscription an individual prefers. There are three types of Xbox Live Gold membership subscription, which differs from 1 month, 3 months and a full year subscription of 12 months.

Xbox live gold generator

In accordance to this, making all these beneficial features have kept most gamers from purchasing a membership from the Xbox Live Gold service. This is as most players wanted to have an exciting, entertaining and thrilling gaming experience that they can get for free. Good thing there is this website that provides free Xbox Live Gold codes, which can be obtained minutes after generating a code.

The website is entirely different from other sitesthat claim to give away free and legitimate Xbox Live Gold codes, as most websites tend to be a bunch of frauds. Statistics have indicated that 98 of every 100 websites claimto give away the same service does not perform well as indicated, which includes not giving away free codes as promised. Also, most sites are full of pop-ups and requirethe user to fill up a survey to get the said code, and as most website never provide free codes, filling up these surveys leads to a total waste of time.

On the other hand, this site provides the fastest and easiest Xbox Live Gold code generator. This is freeand can be obtained without filling up any irrelevant surveys. Upon generating, the code will be sent to the individual minutes after. The primary goal of the website is to promote an enriched online gaming community, as well as give gamers an exciting gaming multiplayer experience online together with their friends and other players from around the globe.

Xbox live gold generator

The website is founded by former Microsoft employees which guarantees their users that their code generator is meticulously developed and legal enough to provide a working Xbox Live Gold code for free. Once the user receives their Xbox Live Gold codes, they will be offeredfree access to the website’s customer support team which provides outstanding assistance and information regarding how to use their codes as well as the instructions on what to do if they have problems with their codes.

The Xbox Live Gold subscription allows every game enthusiastan outstanding gaming experience, providing an exceptional thrilling experience to play and compete with other players from around the world. It also provides cloud storage service system which allows gamers to save their games through the internet and reload them anywhere, anytime. Retail purchases of various games, music, and even movies are included in this feature, giving the Xbox console a new and better recognition. So why not get your free code? Visit and experience obtain your free code with their fast and easy Xbox live gold generator. If the above points aren’t enough to convince you, you can check out their site and decide for yourself.


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