Important Features of Cloud Hosting Services

As the Cloud Hosting services are getting popular, more and more business are opting out for it. The IBM i Cloud is one of the most popular services designed by Source Data Products. And as they are the experts of IBM midrange products you will surely found the cloud effective.  The various features of the cloud are given below which will assure that the product is exactly what you need.


As the resources are held by multiple servers instead of a single physical server, the cloud becomes a more reliable option. Hosting is delivered on a virtual partition and the resources are drawn from extensive underlying networks of physical servers. This way, if any one of the server workings is disrupted and it goes offline, then the virtual server will continue to pull out the resources from the remaining network of servers.

Utility Style Costing:

With the reduction is extra storage space, the cloud enables the businesses to cut down the cost. This will allow them to pay only for what they use. As there is no wasted capacity which remains unused, the demand for storage is also lower offering utility style costing.

Physical Security:

One of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting technology is its security features. The underlying physical servers are housed within the data centers. Thus, the on-site malfunctioning doesn’t affect the working of the servers improving the security. The servers will also be safe from unauthorized access.

IBM i Cloud


The scalability of the cloud is also brilliant. Resources will be available in real time as the feature of the cloud is not limited to physical constraints. If a client’s website demands extra resources from the hosting platform as there is a spike in traffic or they want to implement a new function. In such a situation, the resources will be made available to the users without any complications.

Responsive Load Balancing:

This feature makes it easier for the cloud to scale the demands and respond according to the changes in demand.

It is vital that a cloud hosting service is redundant, reliable, and safe. And all these features are available in IBM i Cloud. The cloud takes out all the complexities of the business critical IBM i Applications. With the refined assessment and setup process of Source Data Product, you will be able to streamline the onboarding, testing, and go live anytime anywhere.

So, buy the server which is less expensive offers more reliability without compromising with the performance and take care of platform resources. Or you can think of taking the free 60-day trial for the cloud. The trial will help you to ensure that this cloud exactly has the features that you need.

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