Managed Workplace IT Services And Cyber Security Go Hand In Hand

Cyber security as a managed service presents a comprehensive security solution and is growing in popularity among companies. This solution automatically eliminates the need for ongoing update installation by IT staff. Managed IT services generally offer protective service level agreements at a fixed cost.

Managed services can offer maintenance and management for any specific business function. The managed IT services industry is developing services for advanced threat protection: firewall management, intrusion prevention and detection, and vulnerability scanning. Other security services include:

  • Cloud security
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Detection and response monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Log management and analysiscyber attacks target smaller businesses

Unfortunately, while larger businesses are investing in security measures, many smaller businesses are unwilling to make this investment. However, 43% of cyber attacks target smaller businesses, and businesses are often unable to recover from a significant financial loss. Of course, common sense plays a large role in security protection. Employees should create strong passwords, refrain from downloading suspicious files, and lock the computer station when leaving the desk.

Browsing the web and visiting random websites should be avoided. However, since data breaches are becoming more widespread and significant, smaller companies should probably consider investing in managed workplace IT services. There are different types of solutions available, so it is important to research each solution to determine which is a suitable fit for the company.

Service Backup


This system focuses on backing and recovering data in case the digital environment crashes. All of the data is duplicated and stored on an offline server. The specific types of recovery plans work to restore files as often as the company expects them to be restored. For instance, if a company wants files restored one hour after the backup, the MSP would run hourly backups.

Data Analytics

Effective business solutions are often developed by providers that monitor and analyze network data.

Managed Communications

One service covers voice, video, chat, and email into one platform. Employees would not have to log into separate applications. They can log onto one platform. This continuity also helps to improve cyber security.

Networking and Infrastructure

cyber attacks target smaller businesses

Server maintenance and backups may either be conducted virtually or in a data center. Companies should consider the size of the company and the amount of data they are planning to store when purchasing this type of service.

Security as a Service

This is typically a cloud based outsourcing cyber security model. A physical component can also be used instead as an alternative. These models include: anti-malware, patch installation verification, security reporting, log management and analysis, and system monitoring.

Software as a Service

The MSP uses the cloud system to distribute the applications and then acts as an agent between the company and the software company.

Choosing a security solution that best suits IT business needs requires deliberation and research. Each company is different and therefore requires different solutions and security models. However, managed workplace IT services help lessen the chances of a cyber attack, and it is beneficial to have a proactive plan in place.

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