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All the companies that desire to start their business in Singapore should strictly follow the Know Your Customer rules. It is a business practice that is a legal procedure that is regulated to assess and manage client risk. Many investors consider KYC as a mandatory check to boost confidence and reduce risk. If a company, strictly works according to the KYC standards, then the financial risks of their commercial dealings tend to be reduced with the clients. Let’s find out about the best KYC solution provider in Singapore to make sure you get a proper experience.

Features of Handshakes solutions

Handshakes solutions have the best reliable data to power the KYC of the clients. They ensure the integration of reliable corporate registry and capital market data into the clients’ workflow for a safer and more efficient onboarding.

The 3 most common onboarding challenges faced by the clients

  • Cleaning data takes an inordinate amount of time
  • It is difficult to ensure that your onboarding is safe and efficient
  • There are no real-time monitoring capabilities

KYC capabilities of handshakes solutions

They are one of the best KYC solution provider Singapore and are highly capable of helping their clients unlock their data’s potential. It clears your data with reliable solutions-cleans your lists with information from official corporate registry sources and capital market data. The data covers Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China. It ensures data accuracy at onboarding- integrating reliable data into your onboarding workflow helps the client to complete their application with accurate and error-free solutions.

It assists in the development of automated business logistics by establishing a business rules engine and risk scorecard that will allow new accounts to be set up quickly and easily. It accurately checks the risk analysis which the analytical tools allow them to un-wrap the shareholding structures and produce instant reports for your further analysis.

Why should we trust handshakes solutions?

Handshake solutions are recommended as they are widely trusted by regulators and corporations. Many corporations completely trust handshakes with their data and workflows. Their products and services meet the expectations of the clients. KYC solution provider Singapore is an accredited company and assures the product’s core functionalities.

Earlier, the clients’ KYC, AML, and client onboarding processes were manual and complex. With the use of Handshakes, data analytics features provided them with the best services and allowed them to finally automate corporate data collection from primary sources.

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