The Many Unique Features Obtainable In iMovie

iMovie is available for free 100% and you can download it to your iOS and macOS for free. It is a unique app built for video editing so that you can add all the special touches and effects to your video, making it studio worthy.   The app is created by Apple and can only be used in both iOS and macOS. iMovie for pc works as effectively as it does on the mobile app, thereby, ensuring that you can enjoy the tool on your pc as effectively as you can enjoy it on the mobile device. The studio effect on the videos will make you wow. This is one tool that you will always want to have handy on your device, either mobile or pc.

iMovie on Windows

Is it possible to download iMovie on Windows operating system? Currently, this is not possible. This is because Apple has not made available a Windows version of the app. The software company has also not made public any scheduled plan towards developing the app for PC.  One of the factors discouraging Apple from making developing a Windows version of the app is because Apple will not earn any money by selling the Windows version of iMovie for pc.  This is to say that end users can only access the app on iOS or macOS. Making the app available only on iOS and macOS is a marketing strategy benefiting only Apple; it means that more people will be attracted to purchase and use iOS and macOS devices.

Features of iMovie

The following are the many features of iMovie:

  • It is consistently upgraded and the latest version as of today is version 10.1.10 for macOS.
  • It was first released officially on November 8, 2018.
  • The software fully supports 4K resolution movies
  • You can also watch any of your videos using iMovie Theatre
  • Also, the app makes it easy to edit your videos with the Touch Bar MacBook Pros.
  • The app equally enables you to improve stability when you update libraries that you have earlier created with iMovie on Mojave.
  • The app enables the end-user to remove FB option, as well as, add a Prepare for Facebook

iMovie on pc makes video editing very easy, easier than you can ever get from any other video editing app.  You can use the software to make beautiful-looking sideshows and the operation is very easy.  You can use the app to edit voice over, music, video and even photos.    Also, you can upload the videos you have edited using this app directly to YouTube and you can save the video in different formats, some of which are highlighted below:

  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • Etc

You will always get good value for money when you download iMovie on either iOS or macOS.

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